Posted by: adamwilliamgrant | January 22, 2011

Preparing for the jump to lightspeed

It wasn’t a very difficult to decision to make the jump in my own head.
Im a pretty logical person. If I can eat and sleep somewhere for the next week im in…

At the moment im an accountant so I did a quick Asset check, what have I learned that I can use and what are my passions.

Can I make money while doing something I love?

1. I can start companies.
2. Do small company accounts.
3. Read.
4. Spell.
5. Do Maths.
6. Negotiate.
7. Communicate with people.
8. Im better than most people at IT.
9. I have the capacity to learn anything.
10. I can sell.
11. Im fit enough and can take care of myself a little.

1. Martial Arts and Fitness
2. Business

I stared at the page and thought wow I can count my passions on two fingers, its time to get some more while at the same time adding to the asset column with more skills.

The normal way: Well I guess I might get better at the same skills maybe a lot of accounting while the passions would stay the same and fade over time as life takes over..

My way: I have an unlimited potential for my passion and skills to grow. I can meet lots of new people that will take my life in unforeseen directions. I have nothing to lose.

Its time to jump but how to finance the gravity boots?
i will explain my plan in the next blog

Posted by: adamwilliamgrant | January 22, 2011

The Beginning

It started on the 27th December 2010, I knew my life had changed forever. For starters I couldn’t sleep. In the middle of the Tim Ferriss bestseller the Four Hour Workweek everything suddenly fell in to place…

My life at the time was fine but it wasn’t extraordinary and who wants to settle for an ok life?
I had a good job and was on my way to an accounting qualification. People told me I was lucky that if I stayed at my job I would qualify we on €60,000 a year in no time and be happy. This is an illusion in essence I would be stuck in an office that didn’t inspire me for 20 plus years . The only difference between then and now would be that I would be able to buy some more items I dont need, get a mortgage and marry a woman I happen to meet when im not in my 60 hour per week hell of a job!

It was on the 27th of December  I decided I would quit my job and travel the world with only my wits to guide me I would make money on the road and live out my dreams. Only a month later the plans are hatched the flights are booked…

On the 2nd of April 2011 I will travel to the place I was last totally fulfilled Phuket, Thailand.
In order to spend two months training with masters in the deadly art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). This is the first stop on my journey of self discovery and human resourcefulness.

On this journey I will try anything, go anywhere, I have nothing to lose and I will document it all here on tales from the bizroad.
I am looking to find people who are financially secure and fulfilled doing what they adore.

Its going to be an interesting couple of years. Stay Tuned…